Ivy Rose Ragdolls
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Ragdoll Kittens , Blue Eyed Traditional , Minks , Solids In all colors and Patterns
                  Welcome To IvyRoseRagdolls : We are a small Ragdoll Breeder                TICA Registered Cattery . Located On Long Island , New York .                    Serving New York ,Long island , NY ,NJ ,CT ,PA ,MA ,RI     We fell in love with the Ragdoll for their docile nature, large size, and their loving need     to be around people. Because of there docile nature, they do not do well outside and are     ~~INDOOR CATS ~~.
We are dedicated to raising Quality Purebred Ragdoll Kittens in Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Cream, Red ,We have True DNA Lilac and Cinnamon Colors in a safe and healthy environment. All of our  Ragdoll kittens Are born and raised inside our home as part of our family, ensuring they are well socialized and loving Ragdoll kittens before leaving for their new homes . We take pride in our Cattery and our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful Ragdol kittens with perfect Ragdoll temperaments . We are a closed Cattery. All are Ragdoll cats tested Neg. for FEVL and FIV . All our Ragdoll cats are up to date on all shots and are vet checked each year.   Solids,Minks,Sepias,And sliver/smokes are all able to be registeredand bred in TICA. They are Shown In New Traits if they fit the standard in all ways except for coat and eye color .              
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Ivy Rose Ragdolls Kittens Are;
* Purebred Ragdolls * Raised with love in a clean healthy environment * Registered with TICA * Pedgreed with all Ragdoll Bloodlines
What You Can Expect From Ivy Rose Ragdolls
* A breeder that cares about you every step of the way. * Provide you with a happy, healthy Ragdoll kitten that has been  Vet checked for good health, wormed and vaccinated.  Health certificate provided by our highly qualified veterinarian * Provide you with health records and TICA registration papers.
 All our cats are veted and up to date on all shots each year . By Dr Darius Perry DVM  At Animal Medical Hospital Of Centereach ,P.C. http://www.theanimalmedicalhospitalofcentereach.com/
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