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Ragdolls are large, docile, loving cats that adore their humans. Their nickname is known as a
“puppy-cat” as they have a lot of dog-like qualities. Their medium to long haired fur is silky,
bunny-like fur that has minimal shedding, is non-matting and requires very little grooming.
Ragdolls don’t fully mature in weight and color until they reach 3 to 4 years old with
neutered males possibly reaching up to 20 pounds or more and females about 5 pounds less.
Ragdolls are a quiet cat with a soft voice and are very compatible for families with children
and other pets. Since they are non-aggressive, docile cats, they will not protect themselves
against predators and therefore need to be indoor cats only. Because of their dog-like
qualities, they will greet you at the door and can be taught tricks like fetch and sit pretty.
They like to be around their humans and will follow you around the house or just hang out
wherever you are.
Ragdoll cat colors are Blue, Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, Red & Cream. Ragdoll cat patterns are
Mitted (may have a white Blaze), bicolor and colorpoint. Ragdolls cats may also have a lynx
pattern. A tortie Ragdoll cat is mottled with red and/or cream on their point color. A torbie
Ragdoll cat is mottled with red and/or cream and also has lynx striping
Ragdoll Colors & Patterns
Colors Of Ragdolls
Seal Point Ragdoll:
The body color should be ranging from ivory to pale fawn beige,
shading gradually into a lighter color on the belly and chest. The points will range from
a warm seal brown to a deep brownish black. The paw pads and nose leather to be a
seal brown to brownish black, with rosy undertones allowed.
Blue Point
Ragdoll :         
The body should be a bluish white to platinum grey, cold in
tone, free of any tinge of brown, shading gradually to lighter color on the belly and
chest. The points will be blue- grey to deep slate. The paw pads and nose leather dark
blue. They may have rosy undertones.
Chocolate Point Ragdoll
The body should be ivory, shading gradually to lighter
color on the belly and chest. The points ranging from warm milk chocolate to
bittersweet chocolate, all with rose undertones. The paw pads should be a brownish
salmon pink and nose leather a rose brown.
Lilac Point Ragdoll :
Body magnolia white. Points a pale dove grey with pinkish tones
to a warmer deep lavender, the dilute pigment permitting the flesh tones to show
through. Paw pads and nose leather lavender pink .
Red Point Ragdoll :
The body should be a warm, even, creamy white. The points will
be a deep orange “hot” red. The paw pads and nose leather to be pink.
Cream Point Ragdoll :
The body should be creamy white. The points ranging from
pale sand to deep cream. The overall impression is dull, cool buff beige. The paw pads
and nose leather pink.
Colour Point:
Colour Point:
The points, ears, mask, feet and tail are to be dark with the colour well defined. The body should have definite contrast between it and points. Soft shadings of colour are allowed on the body, as the cat gets older. Nose leather is the colour of the points.
The points are to be dark and contrasting to the body, with matching white mitts on the front feet, and white going up the back legs at least to the hock. The chin must be white, and there should be a white belly stripe from the chin down the bib, and running to the base of the tail. This pattern may have a single white blaze between the eyes or a broken blaze between the eyes and on the nose. Blaze may not extend into the nose leather. Nose leather is the colour of the points.
The ears, mask and tail to be well-defined in the darker colour. The mask is to have an inverted "V" which should be as symmetrical as possible and should not extend beyond the outer edge of the eye on either side. The nose leather must be pink.
The chest, stomach, all four legs, feet and ruff are to be white. The white should reach above the elbow on the front legs, and above the hock on the rear legs.
The back may have shading in a lighter shade of the point color, with various markings of white and color patches.
Overlays any one of the above patterns. It is actually an additional pattern of stripes appearing over the normal patterns listed above. In addition to the stripes, it has white eyeliner around the eyes, the whisker pads are mostly white, the nose leather is a pinkish to red brick colour and there is no point colour in the ears.
Overlays any of the above patterns. Tortie, colour-wise, will generally have red or cream mixed with one of the other colours.
Tortie Tabby:
Overlays any of the above patterns. The tortie tabby pattern is a mixture of red or cream with one of the above colours and will
also have the tabby markings.
Lilac piont
Bicolor black and brown Tabby
Seal Mitted Shaded Mink
Tortbe Bicolor Lynx
Soild Chocolate Mitted
Seal Mitted Mink
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