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Buying A kitten
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Our Contract                                                                                                                IVYROSE RAGDOLL KITTEN CONTRACT/GUARANTEE THIS KITTEN WILL NOT BE DECLAWED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF SELLER. Adequate indoor sanitary facilities must be provided. Healthy and nutritious foods will be given to this animal. This kitten/cat will not be allowed to be outdoors (whether attended or not attended) or this contract is void. If, for any reason, the Purchaser cannot retain ownership of this cat/kitten, the Breeder shall be given the right of first refusal, and/or will assist in placing the Ragdoll cat/kitten with a new family. Seller will provided the following health guarantee: ·   Kitten is guaranteed for 72 hours. Purchaser has 72 hours to have any medical tests or examinations, at the Purchaser’s expense on this kitten/cat for any disease or defect. If at this time a pre-existing health problem is found, the Seller will refund the total price of kitten and take the kitten back. The Seller is not responsible for any charges incurred in the time of absence of the kitten from the Seller’s residence. After the 72 hours, the Purchaser is responsible for all health and behavioral needs and costs and the Seller will not accept the kitten back for any reason and will not issue any refunds. · Seller guarantees kitten not to have FELV or FIV at time of pickup/delivery of said kitten/cat. · Kitten/Cat has a One year replacement guarantee against hereditary or congenital defects that affect the life of the cat. An autopsy report and a complete veterinarian history must be furnished and supporting documentation verifying the condition. Upon verification of findings by Seller’s vet, Purchaser will be given another kitten of like quality as soon as one becomes available. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A FINANCIAL REFUND BE GIVEN BY THE SELLER. Buyer is responsible for all medical expenses IMMEDIATELY after the Kitten is Pick Up ,And contract for the purchase of the Ragdoll kitten/cat. Purchaser has accepted complete responsibility for all the kitten’s health and safety needs, including transportation, veterinary costs, medical procedures and appointments from the moment the kitten leaves the Seller’s residence. IF BUYER BREAKS ANY PART OF THIS CONTRACT OR IF THIS CAT/KITTEN IS DECLAWED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OR VACCINATED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN RHINOTRACHEITIS, CALICI- PANLEUKOPENIA OR RABIES OR IS VACCINATED FOR RABIES AT THE SAME TIME OTHER VACCINATIONS ARE GIVEN OR AT THE SAME TIME AS ANY SURGERY ALL GUARANTEES ARE NULL AND VOID. BUYER_________________________________________________________________ ______ COMPLETE ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____ PHONE__________________________________________ DESCRIPTION OF CAT/KITTEN: _______ PET _______ SHOW ________ BREEDER COLOR_________________________________ SEX _______ BIRTHDATE_________________ \ SIR:_________________________________   DAM ___________________________________ PRICE $______________ DEPOSIT $_______________ BALANCE DUE $ A Deposit of 250.00 Is needed to hold kiten / Deposits are Non-refundable Deliver Charges are also (Added To the price above ) and are Non-refundable Delivery Price $ _______________________ Ragdoll Kittens being sold as pets : Must be Spayed Or neutered By 7 months old , Buyer is to send copy To seller of proof From a licensed vet .Before Papers Will Be given To Buyer .If Not done so By 7 months of age .The Kitten will Then Be Upgraded to a Breeder And a added Cost Of 1,000.00 Must be paid with in 7 days Of Issue of Invoice ,Or seller has the Right To take Possession Of Kitten . Buyer will be responsible For All court cost And attorney Fees. Along with cost to get kitten back . Incurred as a result Of The Enforcement Of spay and Neuter . I (WE), THE UNDERSIGNED, CONSIDER THIS TO BE A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT. CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THIS CONTRACT MUST BE INITIALED BY ALL PARTIES. JURISDICTION FOR THIS AGREEMENT WILL REMAIN IN SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK. SELLER_____________________________________________ DATE__________________ PURCHASER_________________________________________ DATE__________________
A depoist of 250.00 must be paid before I hold a Ragdoll kitten or Ragdoll cat, Please print contract below along with Filling out buyers part signed and returned.
Ragdoll Kittens do not leave till 12 weeks of age.
We Do Not Ship our kittens
Please make sure you fill out buyers part . with your name and phone number along with email address . Buying A kitten