About Ragdolls

Ragdoll Cats: Gentle Giants with a Puppy-Cat Persona

Ragdoll cats are renowned for their immense size, serene nature, and endearing affection towards their human companions. Often dubbed as “puppy-cats,” they exhibit several canine-like traits that make them exceptional pets. Their plush, rabbit-soft fur is medium to long in length, and surprisingly, it sheds minimally. This non-matting coat requires very little grooming, making Ragdolls a delight for those who adore fluffy cats but dread the grooming ordeal.

These felines continue to grow in size and develop in color until they are about 3 to 4 years old. Neutered males can tip the scales at 20 pounds or more, while females generally weigh about 5 pounds less. Ragdolls are the epitome of tranquility, communicating with a gentle voice. Their amiable nature makes them perfect companions for families with children and other pets.

However, their non-aggressive and docile demeanor means they are ill-equipped to protect themselves outdoors. Therefore, Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats. True to their “puppy-cat” moniker, they eagerly greet their owners at the door and can even learn tricks like “fetch” and “sit pretty.” These cats crave human presence, often shadowing their owners or simply lounging in the same room.

Ragdoll cats come in an enchanting array of colors and patterns:


  • Seal Point: Body hues range from ivory to pale fawn beige, merging smoothly into lighter shades on the belly and chest. The points span from warm seal brown to a deep brownish black, complemented by seal brown to brownish black paw pads and nose leather, with a hint of rosy undertones permitted.
  • Blue Point: The body showcases a bluish-white to platinum grey shade, cold in tone and devoid of any brown tint, transitioning gradually to a lighter color on the belly and chest. Points are a blue-grey to deep slate, with dark blue paw pads and nose leather, occasionally with rosy undertones.
  • Chocolate Point: An ivory body gently shifts to a lighter color on the belly and chest. Points range from warm milk chocolate to bittersweet chocolate, all enriched with rose undertones. Paw pads are a brownish salmon pink, while the nose leather is a rose brown.
  • Lilac Point: The body is a pristine magnolia white, with points varying from pale dove grey with pinkish tones to a warmer deep lavender, allowing the flesh tones to peek through. Paw pads and nose leather are a lavender pink.
  • Red Point: A warm, even, creamy white body contrasts with deep orange “hot” red points. Pink paw pads and nose leather complete the look.
  • Cream Point: A creamy white body pairs with points ranging from pale sand to deep cream, casting an overall dull, cool buff beige impression. The paw pads and nose leather are pink.


  • Colour Point: Dark, well-defined points on the ears, mask, feet, and tail contrast with the body. The body displays a clear contrast with the points, softened by age-related color shading. The nose leather matches the points.
  • Mitted: Dark points contrast with the body, accentuated by matching white mitts on the front paws and white extending up the back legs at least to the hock. A mandatory white chin, belly stripe from chin to tail base, and an optional white blaze between the eyes or on the nose (not extending into the nose leather) characterize this pattern. The nose leather matches the points.
  • Bi-Colour: Dark ears, mask, and tail with a well-defined inverted “V” on the mask should be as symmetrical as possible and not extend beyond the outer eye edge. The chest, stomach, all four legs, feet, and ruff must be white, with the white extending above the elbow on front legs and above the hock on rear legs. The back may show lighter point color shading, interspersed with white and color patches.

Additional Patterns:

  • Tabby (Lynx): Stripes overlay any primary pattern, adding white eyeliner around the eyes, mostly white whisker pads, a pinkish to red brick nose leather, and point color absent in the ears.
  • Tortie: Any primary pattern can have this overlay, typically mixing red or cream with another color.
  • Torbie (Tortie Tabby): A blend of red or cream with another color and tabby markings.

Ragdolls are not just cats; they are companions who will enrich your life with their serene demeanor, playful antics, and unconditional love. If you’re seeking a gentle giant with a penchant for cuddles, the Ragdoll might just be the perfect feline friend for you.