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Ivy Rose Ragdolls is a family-owned and operated TICA registered Cattery located in Dunlap, Tennessee. We are from Long Island, New York where we had our humble beginnings. As of 2021, we now personally deliver our kittens to NY, NJ, Connecticut, PA, Tenn, Florida, and just about everywhere in between.  

Yes, your read that correctly! We hand deliver our little fur bundles to our clients. I couldn’t sleep with myself if I mailed these precious little kittens.

Current Kittens For Sale

As registered breeders, we are held to the highest standards and provide our purebred Ragdoll Kittens with proper nutrition, care, and of course, the love and attention they need to help them start off on the right Paw in life.

DGC Dollnoveav Cinnamon SebastiDGC Dollnouveav Cinnamon
Sebastion is the Father to most of our cinnamon kittens. on

DGC Dollnouveav Cinnamon Sebastian

Healthy, Loving, and Beautiful Purebred Ragdoll Kittens have been our specialty for many years.

All of our Ragdoll cats are tested for F.e.V.L ( Feline leukemia virus) and F.I.V. (Feline immunodeficiency virus)

All our Ragdoll cats are up to date on all shots and are completely evaluated by licensed veterinarians each year. Ivy Rose Ragdolls are what is considered to be a “Closed Cattery”. As a “Closed Cattery,” we can assure you that our kittens are cared for like family, by family in our own home!

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Ivy Rose Ragdoll Kittens are:

* Purebred Ragdolls

* Raised with love in a clean healthy environment

* Registered with TICA

* Pedigreed with all Ragdoll Bloodlines

What You Can Expect From Ivy Rose Ragdolls

* A breeder that cares about you every step of the way.

* Provide you with a happy, healthy Ragdoll kitten that has been

 *Veterinarian checked for good health, dewormed, and vaccinated.

* Health certificate provided by our highly qualified veterinarian

* Provide you with health records and TICA registration papers