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Ragdoll Kittens for sale NY & TN

Ivy Rose Ragdolls is a TICA-registered, small in home Ragdoll breeder. Originally from Long Island, New York, we’ve relocated to Dunlap, Tennessee. Despite the move, we frequently travel back to Long Island to visit family & friends. During these visits, we bring along any kittens sold to families in the vicinity, as we prefer not to ship our kittens and like to meet each new family in person, we will set up a pick up in Long Island, NY. 

Our affection for the Ragdoll breed stems from their gentle nature, substantial size, and their endearing desire for human companionship. Due to their gentle disposition, they are strictly indoor cats.  Our kittens are born and nurtured within our home, becoming an integral part of our family. This ensures they are well-socialized and affectionate by the time they’re ready to join their new families.

Our cattery is exclusive, and all of our Ragdoll cats have tested negative for FeLV and FIV. They are routinely vaccinated and receive annual vet check-ups.

At Ivy Rose Ragdolls, we are committed to breeding high-quality, purebred Ragdoll kittens in a variety of colors, including rare DNA-confirmed Lilac, Cinnamon, and Fawn hues. In addition to the Traditional Ragdoll colors, we also offer Solids, Minks, Sepias, and Blue eyed White, all of which are eligible for registration and breeding in TICA.

What you can expect when choosing an Ivy Rose Ragdoll Kitten!

  • A caring breeder who supports you at every step.
  • A happy, healthy Ragdoll kitten that has undergone thorough health checks, worming, and vaccinations.
  • Health Certificate provided by our qualified and licensed veterinarian.
  • Comprehensive health records and TICA registration papers.
  • A promise that all our cats are regularly vetted and vaccinations are kept up-to-date.

We do not offer shipping for our kittens. As we do travel from TN to NY regularly to visit Friends & Family in Long Island,  we are more than happy to work a drop off schedule with you.

Thank you for considering Ivy Rose Ragdolls for your next feline companion!

Ragdoll Kittens for sale NY & TN

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Ragdoll Kittens for sale NY & TN